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“To make the world a better place,
see the world as a better place

— Alan Cohen   


Influence is something we all have.
First we have influence on ourselves, and second we have influence on
others. There is one question that we all need to answer though, and
that is, what will our influence be? Jane Goodall says it slightly
differently: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide
what kind of difference you want to make.”
Influence really comes
down to how we choose to view the world. Yes, it is always a choice,
though it may not be on purpose. We can see the forest or the trees, the
crime or the punishment, the love or the hatred. Whatever we want to
see, we have the choice to see, or we can choose by default to see what
others say they see and agree with them. It’s still a choice.
can see a job we love or a job we hate. We can see a world of prejudice
and despair where there is an endless list of things that need fixing, or
are in our opinion, wrong, or we can see a world that is perfect and
changing and infinite in its possibilities.

We are obviously also
influenced by others. We can choose to accept or reject that influence
and that decision determines how we view the world. But, no matter what,
the best question to ask ourselves I think is this: Are we seeing the
world the way we want to see the world? If what we see is not what we
want, we must choose to see a better world, career, business, family,
lifestyle, church, government, environment. Often it is already there
and you just didn’t know it until you looked with a new mindset.    


The Power Of Choice Is Our Ultimate Gift.


Spread Some Joy Today–See what you see more closely today. Take a good look.
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