Daily Inspiration 11-8-16

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“If you wish to remember 
that nothing can separate you 
from the love of God, 
let nothing separate others 
from your love.” 

— Alan Cohen 

I thought the above quote was such a beautiful and appropriate thought for election day here in the U.S. It is also a wonderful reminder that as we say we love God, and then not love so many of His creations, or hold ill toward any, that as we are loving only under the right conditions, then we are loving God in exactly the same way.

When it comes to voting, it is our intuition that is our best guide. There are arguments all around us attempting to convince us that their agenda and philosophy is the one–the only one. This is where intuition when we pay attention to it can lead us through the dark swamp of current day political rhetoric.

I watched a TED Talk the other day titled, It’s Time For Women To Run For Office by Hall Tomasdottir who recently ran for President in Iceland. In her talk, she said this bit that jumped out at me: “As a good sister of mine sometimes says, ‘you may cheat on your intuition, but your intuition never cheats on you.‘”

Abraham, Esther Hicks would say that when we follow that, it is being in alignment with our Inner Being, or you could say the God within us, our soul, or whatever name any of us likes to give it. I believe we all sense this within us. In all cases, it is an inner guidance of the most profound wisdom. That is, when we pay attention or go with it. It is equally easy to push against it; albeit, with considerably different end results.

The more we all choose to pay attention to and follow our intuition, or inner guidance, the better things work out all around, regardless of who wins and loses.

“Joy Is The Happiness That Doesn’t Depend On What Happens.” — Br. David Steindl-Rast 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being at peace within, confident in your choices.

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