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“I cannot always control
what goes on the outside.
But I can always control
what goes on inside

— Wayne Dyer   

Wayne Dyer is a favorite author and
mentor who I began reading and studying in the mid-1970s with his
landmark book at the time, Pulling Your Own Strings. That book was so
powerful for me then, but it was only something that I would know
intellectually for a lot of years and then I finally learned to adopt it
in my life.

There was help along the way and more recently it
was The Secret. Though The Secret was focused on the Law of Attraction,
it was much the same thing as Dyer’s Pulling Your Own Strings in that we
have so much more control of our lives and how we feel than we choose
to use even when we know the concept.

In fact, there was a lot of
backlash from some serious resistors about the whole idea of the Law of
Attraction being a bunch of hooey, indicating that they seemed to
accept the idea of the Law of Distraction instead.

Even when we
know that we have the power of choice no matter the circumstance when it
comes to our own thoughts inside, much of the time we may fail to allow
ourselves to use it or choose to ignore it for a time. Drama has its
benefits, or at least we’ve learned that it is not only accepted, but
often encouraged. Again, we have and always will have control in our own

It is never what happens to us, but what we think about
what happens to us. It is never what others think of us but what we
think of us. I love how Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame says
it: “It’s not what you say out of your moth that determines your life,
it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!”

we think that this knowledge of this power we have to assimilate itself
fully and completely immediately, but the reality if often that we need
to remember that if we don’t practice it, how could we ever get very
good at it. I’m practicing every day now and it IS getting better! I’ll
be a super star in no time at all.   


We Have The Power. No One Got Left Out. Let’s Use it! 


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