Daily Inspiration 11-8-10

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“As long as you think the problem is out there,
that very thought is the problem.”
— Stephen Covey
That which we battle against gets more attention than it deserves and it often wins the battle in that it is expanded without its own effort. We expand it for our attention to it. In that, the battle is won by the problem, disease, situation, relationship, job, whatever.
The problem is not the problem, it is our focus on the problem that is the problem. So, what does that mean? If there is a problem, learn to be grateful for it, bless it, and then turn and focus on the solution. A simpler way to say it is that when you find something you don’t want or don’t like, then be thankful for that information, turn and focus on what you want or what you would like. It’s all the same thing.
So many times, we have an issue and we continually look at that issue and fret or worry about it, see how we can combat it or eradicate it, who else has had the problem and what they did about it, search the Internet for more information about the problem, tell our friends and coworkers about the problem, ask the prayer group to pray about the problem, complain about the problem and even cry about the problem. What is reinforced is the problem. It has grown way out of proportion by now. It is now a much larger problem than it was when it was first presented.
When we understand that the problem is not the real problem, but instead an opportunity to choose what we want, we can learn to get out of that old habit of reinforcing and expanding the problem, and immediately, or very soon, thank the problem for the information, turn and speak of what is wanted. Expand what is wanted. Focus on what is wanted.
If I have ill health and speak of the ill health, research all about the disease and continually expand the importance and presence of the disease, I am expanding the disease. I must thank the disease for the information, turn and focus on my health instead of the disease.
The same is true of losing a job, the state of the economy or whatever has presented itself in our lives that is not what we want. Thanking the problem for the information, and turning toward what we want and giving 100% of our attention to that is the thing that will change everything for us.
The Solution Is The Whole Reason For The Problem.
Spread Some Joy Today–Pay attention and catch yourself acknowledging a problem, situation or circumstance, then expanding on it by complaining, sharing it with friends and coworkers, etc. Catch yourself more and more quickly each time and thank the problem, turn and focus on what you want and tell them about it instead. You will find that problems are not problems any more like they used to be. Now they are opportunities!
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