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“When you’re exactly where you are, 
there is no better or worse. 
Better and worse fall by the wayside 
when you’re engaged in the moment.” 

— Josh Pais 

I’m sure all of you know by now that I am a committed life-long learner and I am on that path every single day. In fact, one of my daily to-do list items is–Learn Something! Not that I need a reminder, but I also like checking off the boxes in my to-do list and that one is pretty dang easy to check off! I like easy.

So, I thought I would share today about a path I took to get to a place of learning something that excited me. I thought after looking back on the trail that it was pretty interesting how this came about.

A few years back, I saw a Marie Forleo video. That led me to her website of her namesake, then I don’t remember if it is once a week or what, but I signed up for and receive her emails fairly often. I don’t watch all of the videos, but I have watched most I’m sure.

On Thursday, my Success magazine Dec 2015 issue arrived and it always has a CD inside with some interviews of successful people. I opened it and there was Marie Forleo as the first interview. Friday, I listened to it and she mentioned she was very much into dancing, and not knowing very much about Marie, I went to YouTube and typed Marie Forleo dancing. Come to find out, she used to do quite a number of workout videos. I looked at a few short ones, then scrolling down, I see one that really stood out of her in a bed, and the title is How To Live In The Moment.

Now, I’ve heard her say in her more recent videos that “her man” is Josh, but I didn’t know anything else. (By the way, this video is from 2011). In this video on YouTube about living in the moment, Josh is in the video and telling one little bit of magic that I found delightful to learn as a way of staying in the present. Of course, since I’m a Eckhart Tolle fan, I’ve been paying attention to being in the moment, but this little trick which Josh calls, “I’m back!” was so good that I wanted to know more. At the end of the video, he gave his website, www.CommittedImpulse.com. So I checked it out.

I signed up to get in and got a free download audio which has four simple steps to learn to stay present and to learn to have presence. It was all about getting out of your head as Eckhart likes to say, and so here were the steps.

1. Take in your immediate environment. In other words, pay attention to what is going on around you in every detail. It keeps you out of your head.

2. Tune into your body. Pay attention to anything and everything about noticing your body and what you are feeling. No judgement. That is a head job and we don’t want the head involved.

3. I’m back! As you realize that your head has taken over your attention, immediately say, I’m back! and this brings you back to the present moment. As this is done, we are learning control of our experience. 

4. Breathe! We often, and especially in tense or unknown situations breathe very little–just enough to make due. By purposely taking a deeper breath and paying attention to our breathing, we are back in the present.

So, after listening to this wonderful audio, I signed up for his course. Josh made a sale. I didn’t know anything about him. I found him along a trail that was delightfully leading me to what I crave: Learning. His approach excited my senses, and I am very much enjoying the course to date.

Isn’t it interesting how we might stumble on to something that can change our lives. I think it is changing mine as we speak.

A Wee Bit Of Synchronicity. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–and being present is where joy is.

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