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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
— Milton Berle
I absolutely love this quote by Milton Berle. To me, it speaks of the difference between hoping for an opportunity and expecting one and that difference is everything.
I’ve known people out of work, lost in transition, hoping for the right opportunity, then hoping for any opportunity, and often the opportunity doesn’t come. They cite examples of the economy and its present state of disrepair, along with a long list of reasons and excuses, facts, fantasy and rumor. It’s depressing to see. It represents an attitude that is completely build around lack, or what’s not right, or what’s not right yet. It’s an effort in problem solving at best. Days are stacked one on top of another in fear and despair.
I’ve known people out of work, interested in the transition, expecting the right opportunity, expecting lots of opportunities, and the opportunities come in quantity and quality. These folks cite belief in themselves, excitement for life, a sense of adventure, and confidence in getting what they want and need. It’s exciting to watch. It represents an attitude that is build around self-confidence, love of life and a desire to express themselves in what they love doing while being open to new horizons. It is an effort to expand ones self to the fullest. Days are added one unto another as accumulations of experience.
These are highly contrasted situations and I have seen them both and lots of places in between. The main difference in how it all works out comes down to what Milton Berle said jokingly, but so correctly is that if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. How true, how true. Thanks Milt!
Hoping and Moping Go So Well Together. Who Needs Them? Expect The Best.
Spread Some Joy Today–You could pretty much erase the phrase, “I hope” from your vocabulary and it won’t hurt a bit. It reminds me of Yoda stating, “Do or Do Not. There is no try.” Or was it, “Expect or Do Not. There is no hope?”
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