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“Don’t wish it were easier, 
wish you were better. 
Don’t wish for fewer problems, 
wish for more skills. 
Don’t wish for less challenges, 
wish for more wisdom.” 
— Earl Shoaf 

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[Classic post from 6-16-15]

There is a definite difference in looking at the problem and looking at the solution. They have completely different vibrations. Wishing for fewer problems is focusing on the problems, and wishing for more skills, is focusing on the solution. What a dramatic difference is displayed in this short quote by Earl Shoaf, who was Jim Rohn’s mentor.

An even better way to look at this is to stop looking at, reminding ourselves of, and mentally or vocally discussing what it is that we don’t want. The only way out of this is to focus on what we do want, why we want it, how wonderful it will be to have it, to mentally, vocally, and enthusiastically discuss it, and imagine ourselves already in possession of it.

The way to know where we’re at in this focus is absolutely how we feel. When we feel off, negative, angry, down, depressed, jealous, and more, we are focused on what we do not want. When we feel good, alive, energetic, enthusiastic, joyous and more, we are focused on what we do want.

Simply A Change Of Focus. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on what you want today.

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