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Thought vs Action Controversy Week
“We clothe events with the drapery of our own thoughts. . .”
— James Allen
As I often do in these Daily Inspirations, I talk about things I’m learning or finally getting that I’ve studied for a time as a way of clarifying it even further and sharing it at the same time. Lately I’ve been giving a good deal of thought about activity vs thought, ease vs effort, struggle vs surrender. There is some conflict in different authors on this and the traditional says effort and the new age says ease and so on. I am lining up with ease, but it has been a challenge to release all my past learning and outside influences; a.k.a., habits, or comfort zone.
So, I’m thinking of some examples to reference to help demonstrate this difference.
I’m thinking of winning contests, door prizes and so on. My partner, Ryan wins them all the time. I could go to the same event and buy a hundred tickets, and his will be pulled not once, but several times. I’ve seen him win three items and more than one event. It’s amazing.
I ask him what that’s all about and he just believes he will win. He expects to win. He doesn’t think that much about it, but believes. He sort of lets it go. It works like clockwork for him. This is an example of thought achieving results.
On the other side of this issue, I’ve seen people that I know who were very much into entering every contest on the planet and getting nowhere with it. They calculated the odds, did everything they could think of to maximize the possibility of winning, but they were hoping for the big payoff and always working the angles. This is an example of doing activity in trying to achieve results.
In Matthew 21:22, the Bible says, “. . .all things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” The key ingredient there is believing, which is rare enough. It is easy to ask, even to demand, cry for, cajole, but believing is another level of thought. In this example, the prayer is the action and the believing is the thought. The thought is far more powerful and more likely to have the results that we claim to want.
Tonight I was trying hard to think of everyone I knew in the field I’ve spent a lifetime in because I need to bring someone into our company to help us expand, and all of a sudden it struck me what I was doing and what a habit it is and how unproductive it is. I’ve mentioned the sign on my wall that says, “What is MY job and How is GOD’s job.” As I looked up and saw that sign, I remembered that figuring out who is not my job. That’s the action part. It’s habitual, yet ineffective. I need to focus on the thought part of this which is clarifying what I want and visualizing it already being done and believing that it will come to pass, then let it go and let God take it from there.
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