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“Don’t wait for the right answer and the
golden path to present themselves.
This is precisely why you’re stuck. . .
. . .The way to get unstuck is to
start down the wrong path, right now

— Seth Godin   

Don’t we all want the perfect and
right answer when we don’t know something or don’t know what to do. It
seems especially true with those things that could go several different
directions, and we feel like the wrong decision could be devastating. It
doesn’t matter whether that is true or not, it’s just how it feels.

seen people lament over their next car, measuring and weighing, test
driving and color matching, feature comparing and price quoting so that
it seems like a decision will never come. I did that over some dressers
for the bedroom once. It’s all so worrisome and wearing.

advice is sound and I know it because I’ve used it. There is nothing
quite so powerful to psyche than making a decision. Any decision seems
better than no decision. And, a decision and then movement or action is
the best of the best. It doesn’t really matter what the direction is,
one can always change direction without too much bother, but getting
moving is the key.

Seth says, “you might not end up with perfect, but it’s significantly more valuable than being stuck.”    


If We Can Let Go Of Decisions Being Right Or Wrong, We More Readily Will Free Ourselves To Decide.


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