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“Wisdom is meaningless until
our own experience has given it meaning.”
— Bergen Evans
Have you ever asked that question, ‘if I had to do it all over again, I would ____?’ It could be that business you had, the decisions you made, whatever. I sort of think it is healthy to do that once in a while–mainly for the fun and illumination of it.
I don’t think it is healthy to look back in any sort of regret, but to acknowledge decisions made, results received and see if lessons have been learned.
So, today, I was thinking about a book business that I started in 2004 mid-year and essentially closed in Dec 2010. Fact is, I still have it at www.delsoutlet.com; however, it is now what you would have to call a hobby, not a business because it is so miniscule now in comparison. I let it go for several good reasons, and the biggest is that I have another business that is far more lucrative that captures my time and energy.
So, today, I was thinking, if I had it to do all over again, what would I do? As I was looking backward, I saw several glaring errors that I could correct and in briefly analyzing this, I knew that by correcting them, it would have made a big difference, or at least that’s my supposition. Then I have to say, so what? That’s wasn’t an option at the time. Only in the luxury of the current moment can I see what it could have been. Assuming my analysis is correct, of course.
But, then I ask the tough question–would I do it at all if I had it to do again? I have to say that knowing what I now know from experience and considering the changes that have taken place in the market since 2004, I would not even begin it again.
That’s so easy to say now from the point of wisdom, but at the beginning, that point of enthusiasm and dream vision, I never would say that I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t know any better. And, that is the wonderful thing about starting out! If I would have known better, I would have passed and missed all that experience, hard work, effort, successes and not so successes–I would have missed it all.
So, as I look back, I conclude that it was quite worthwhile. I gained a great deal of experience and much of that knowledge helps me today to guide my own affairs and to help other business people to make better choices while in that fog of enthusiasm. Assuming they want the help, of course.
I Find That It Matters Far More What I Do When I Don’t Know Any Better Than To Think ANYTHING About What Might Have Been.
Spread Some Joy Today–by being joyous. Sometimes the best thing is just to forget about everyone else and focus on your own joy. It’s contagious!
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