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“The world hates change,
yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.”
— Charles Kettering
“We all have big changes in our lives
that are more or less a second chance.”
— Harrison Ford
I love movies. It is my treat. I watch almost no television, and I indulge in movies–mostly happy ending feel good movies. I want something to inspire and uplift me, not bring me down in fear and bum me out. Romantic comedies seem to be the best choice generally for that–for me, at least.
So tonight, I watched for the second time, a great movie with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson called, Last Chance Harvey. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it, but the reason I bring it up at all is the message it gave me.
Harvey, played by Dustin Hoffman, was a down on his luck musician creating jingles and about to get fired because he isn’t keeping up with the times and is not selling very well. He goes to London to see his daughter’s wedding. He’s been divorced and single for sometime.
Before leaving, he is freaked out that the youngsters are taking over and he tells his boss he will be back in a couple days to help close a deal. He gets to the airport to come home and misses his plane and ends up getting fired over the phone.
When this kind of scenario comes, it can have a huge effect on people. Some get really depressed, despondent, and otherwise angry at life dealing them a bad break, others take it in stride and some get excited. I saw Harvey get excited after a very short spurt of feeling sorry for himself, and part of that was meeting Kate played by Emma Thompson.
In short order, Harvey is completely turned around, his life is exciting again, he’s interested and focused and alive. Change has come at a perfect time and released him from the burden he was carrying that he didn’t even know he was carrying. It’s the martyr in us. . .
It reminded me a bit of when I got fired last and it was such a relief when it came that I felt like running up and down the boulevard screaming with joy! It was an incredible rush of joy and it lasted pretty much that entire day! Thank God! I said. That opportunity led me to where I am now, in more joy than I have ever felt and doing what I absolutely love to do.
You just never know when a sudden change can refocus your life and direct you to far better things and surroundings than you ever thought possible. Sometimes we hang on to things we dislike so much because we fear the unknown if we were to let them go. It is the sudden change of a firing or something like this that can be like dynamite unblocking the log jam in our lives. It is truly a blessing.
The other lesson that comes with this is to just be open to change, to embrace change and to always be open to opportunity and to release fear which is a false friend.
Bravo! Harvey.
Fear Of Change Will Create Burdens To Bear.
Spread Some Joy Today–Learn to look on change–even, and maybe especially big changes–with an eye for the benefit hidden inside. It is absolutely in there for you to discover, should you desire it.
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