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“Don’t read a book and be a follower;
read a book and be a student.”

– Jim Rohn

I adore Jim Rohn. I first heard him on a motivational tape that someone gave me when I was thinking about doing Shaklee, a multi-level marketing business, back in 1980. The people who wanted you to join would hand out these motivational cassette tapes for you to listen to in order to encourage you. They didn’t encourage me, they fired me up!

So here was a guy named Jim Rohn talking to some group in Dallas, Texas and I was just hanging on his every word. I loved the way he spoke. It is so matter of fact, yet softly and with wit and wisdom, and humor. He has written several books and has many sets of motivational tapes, CD’s and DVD’s. I highly recommend any and all of them. He is a master and has been doing this since the 1960’s.

Since that early introduction when I was about 30, I have listened to and read so many great authors of motivational and self-help materials. Out of each, I gather something of value making the effort worthwhile. Out of some, I gather a Mother Lode of gold that continues to enrich me many years later. That is worth the time again and again and again.

Jim has a book out called, Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle. This is a great book and essentially was the message on the first 90 minute cassette I got described above. My favorite of his tape sets is The Challenge To Succeed. You can find these on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or at Jim’s website: www.jimrohn.com. He is in his 80’s now, yet his legacy will endure because his messages are timeless.

Back to today’s inspirational quote from Jim. I learned this early from Jim and have never stopped being a student. I am so grateful to those who introduced me to Jim Rohn, who has essentially become a mentor to me, though I have never met, or seen him in person. You just never know how your life and your willingness to share can touch someone like it touched me, and that touch can last for many years and be passed on to many others. That is so special. And, isn’t that what love is?

Yet, I’m not a follower of Jim Rohn. I am a student of what he teaches. He is not the only teacher teaching it. And after many years of studying for myself, I am now a teacher of it. Isn’t that interesting. . .

I’ve had people tell me that, “those people are just taking you for your money, that’s all they want,” and “that’s just a bunch of psychobabble bs,” and other crap. Of course, I always consider this: not one–not one of the people who have ever said anything like that has ever listened to even 5 minutes of a tape or read even 2 pages of a book by that author. So, I let them have their way. It is just a bunch of hooey.

Thank God for the hooey! That’s what I say. It came when I needed it and it has fed me for years and years and I am a better person for it. I get to choose. For me.

I suggest to you that you find authors, tapes, books, whatever that give you positive, uplifting and enlightening information and you latch on to that and become a student. You will see the difference in yourself and recognize that new person and be pleased and grateful for the effort and the result.

Be a student of life!

I Am That I Am. That’s Not All That I Am. I Can Learn. I Will Be More.

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