Daily Inspiration 11-3-13

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“You’ve done better than you know.

You’ve helped more than you realize.

And you’re closer than you think.”

— Mike Dooley as The Universe

Today is TUT day. Mike Dooley started www.tut.com and began an inspirational path pretending to be The Universe and sending daily uplifting messages to as many humans in humanity that found the path and chose to walk with him. I’ve been a receiver of Messages From The Universe for many years, and he also has hundreds in book form. They are short and funny, thought-provoking and warm-hearted. The one at the top is a favorite. Here are two others to soften and enhance your day:

“The real trick, for confronting boredom is to ask more questions.

For tackling loneliness, it’s to take more action.

And for easing sadness, it’s to think more of others.

Then we dance.”

“Did you know that if you get happy enough

you can actually hear colors and see music?

Paint without numbers?

Eat desserts and lose weight?

Spend money and have more?

Heal the sick?

Feed the poor?

Love unconditionally?

And live forever?

If you get happy enough.

I am.”

“Dreams Come True, All They Need Is You.” — Mike Dooley

Spread Some Joy Today–Try just one goal today: To feel good. Choose it.

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