Daily Inspiration 11-3-10

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“Better to do something imperfectly
than do nothing flawlessly.”
— Dr Robert Schuller
“The roots of true achievement lie in the
will to become the best that you can become.”
— Harold Taylor
No risk, no reward is how the saying goes. Everything requires some kind of risk. Heck, getting out of bed in the morning is risk. The shower is definitely a risk. The day is filled with risk. It’s easy to be concerned about risk. How much? When? Potential problems? The risks go on.
Risk is nothing more than a judgement of potential choice. That should calm things down a bit. Choose one, choose another, choose another. It’s just choice. If there is risk involved, it is purely a judgement call.
Risk is often associated with fear. We fear to risk. How much? When? Potential problems? So much to be concerned about. It is just fear of failure. It’s just fear.
Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.
Just do the best you can for the moment. Your best, my best, their best is always changing. All there is today is the best. There can be no more. Rest easy in that choice. There is none better.
Might as well go for it.
No Pain, No Gain? Hogwash! No Desire, No Life.
Spread Some Joy Today–There is only one thing to lose by doing. Fear. What a wonderful thing to lose.
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