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THANKSgiving Week Thoughts 

“The thankful receiver 
bears a plentiful harvest.”
— William Blake 

Today is the last day of Thanksgiving week and this last post will be about who gratitude is for. It is not for the benefit of the thing or person that you are thanking. It is for YOU.

You could think of this as being selfish, and if you want to do that, fine. It is true. The real benefit of becoming a grateful person and in finding anything and everything and everyone something to be thankful for is not appreciating of it or them. Of course, that certainly doesn’t hurt and it obviously may have a benefit to them; however, it is the act of being thankful and finding the good, or rather, those things that we can be thankful for that really matters. It is being the receiver of the gratitude that we give out.

If you want to get really simple, fine. We FEEL better when we are thankful. We feel wonderful in our appreciation. We rise above in our gratitude. As far as I’m concerned that is not only reason enough to be grateful, but the all-important reason.

This is how we become more grateful as we begin our path of thankfulness. We feel it, and it feels good. We feel right. We feel aligned. We feel one with God. We feel blessed. We feel that our heart is full. It is that feeling that creates the desire for even more thankfulness and gratitude. It is why we do what we do whatever we do. We gain. We grow. We become more. We rise.

What anyone else feels when we are this way is strictly and blessedly, a side benefit.

Go For The Feeling Of Joy And Heartfelt Wonder. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by just being alive and knowing it. How could you not?

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