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“The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative,
bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of
scenes that have left the conscious mind.”
— Thalassa Cruso
My business partner and I were chatting about how smells will propel us to a specific place in our lives and how it happens in an instant. This has always fascinated me.
Sometimes I’ll be walking up the driveway at my house and a certain smell will take me to my grandma’s house in the summer time back around 1960. I think that is fascinating how that smell triggers that memory of that specific place and time so long ago.
I was reading an interesting piece called How Smell Works and it was saying that it isn’t just the smell but the association with a conditioned response in that it is sort of filed with a specific time, place and event.
In the article it mentioned chlorine and swimming pools. When I smell wet concrete on a hot sunny day, it takes me back to about 1957 at the community plunge laying on the concrete decking after swimming and laying face down smelling that wet concrete smell.
These associations are random that I am referring to, but people like Tony Robbins have changed people’s lives using mental and physical associations to help guide people to positive change. That’s fun and interesting too.
Isn’t is so cool how our minds, our bodies, and other things all work together and that we can carry memories that seem insignificant at the time for a lifetime?
Memory Lane By A Nose With My Eyes Closed
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