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“You have to listen to what resonates within
your own gut. You find your direction there.
Your voice comes out.”
— Kathy Mattea
There was a time through the best part of my life that I had been searching for answers. I’ve now read many hundreds of books and each author has given me some piece, however large or small toward that end. And, I continue to read and study some authors today as I accumulate more information to sift through.
I seek knowledge and wisdom, different ways of looking at the same thing to strengthen my understanding. When I find something that resonates with me, I follow it and see what comes, and if it doesn’t resonate within me, I let it be.
I’ve come to rely on and believe in the value of my own guidance rather than that from outside myself–my inner guidance system if you will. As I learn to use it like a body out of shape that grows in strength and agility from exercise, I become more adept at using it and paying attention to what it is telling me through the way I feel. It is simply the most powerful tool I’ve ever found.
I’ve often had a problem following some doctrines and supposed guidance from without. I even believed that was possible, yet I found it so hard to follow because much of it just didn’t resonate with me–it wasn’t truth to me. So I would pick and choose and that worked better. I would pick the things that resonated and felt right and let lay the ones that did not. Others have had opinions of my picking and choosing and I would let them have them, and kept going anyway doing the best that I could.
I now believe very strongly in my own power of focus, my own inner guidance because it is the only thing that makes any sense to me. I believe that we all have this exact same capacity and guidance and we may or may not be aware and/or we may or may not choose to make use of it. I think that we all know and have always known what resonates within us and what does not even though we may or may not have paid much attention to it. The good news is that at any time we can become aware, exercise our innate power and follow our own guidance.
What I Learn From Study Only Confirms What I Already Knew Deep Inside.
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