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“The truly wealthy 
dwell in the consciousness
of enoughness.” 
— Alan Cohen 

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[Classic post from 7-8-15]

Yesterday, I wrote about chapter one in the book, Relax Into Wealth, by Alan Cohen, and today, I want to write briefly about chapter two. In this chapter, he discusses enoughness. When is enough, enough? He says that “every thought you have falls into one of two streams of energy: enough or not enough. The more you observe and affirm enough, the more enough you have. The more you observe and affirm not enough, the more not enough you have.”

He says to “expand your sense of prosperity by focusing on the riches you already own. You can find wealth in good health; the beauty of nature; rewarding friendships; a loving family; bubbling creativity; your spiritual source; stimulating ideas; the kindness of people you meet; and much, much more. Right now in many ways, you are a billionaire! You may be richer than many people with lots of money because you give your attention to wealth rather than need.”

To those who think contentment is a bad place to be, he says, “Does contentment mean that you must just stop where you are, never desire more, and never change anything from the way it is? Certainly not. A great way to position a contentment attitude is: happy and hungry. You appreciate what you have and enjoy the adventure of expanding your world. . . Everything wants to grow, and everything is perfect in its stage of growth. Perfection is not a place you arrive at; it is an attitude you enjoy as you go.”

Abraham, Esther Hicks calls that, appreciating what you have and being eager for more. Enough isn’t a place, it is an attitude.

Again, at the end of the chapter, he asks some great questions:

1. What do you feel you have enough of?

2. What do you feel you do not have enough of?

3. Take a few moments to focus on the elements of your life that make you feel rich. How rich are you? How do you feel after you focus on your wealth?

4. Find within yourself the delicious balance of happy and hungry. . . and these last questions jumped off the page for me:

What are you happy with? What are you hungry for? Notice how you feel when you let yourself be whole where you stand while reaching for higher.

“When You Realize That Nothing Is Lacking, The Whole World Belongs To You.” — Lao Tzu   

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