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“Successful people 
ask better questions, 
and as a result, 
they get better answers.” 
— Tony Robbins 

New: Audio version

[Classic post from 7-7-15]

Have you ever read a book, loved it, put it on the shelf and then a few years later, pick it up again, knowing full well you’ve read it, yet it seems so new to you? It’s kind of amazing how many times that has happened to me, and it happened again today.

I’ve been reading some great fiction books of late. The last ten books were all fiction and so today I thought I’d pick up something different. I was drawn to Alan Cohen’s book, Relax Into Wealth. A few years ago I bought a bunch of these and sent them to my team and many friends. It’s a wonderful book and picking it up again only compounded that opinion.

I made a commitment early this year to read aloud. Don’t ask me why. It’s one of those weird things that come over me. There is something more powerful about reading aloud than to myself. Call it an exercise for my mouth, tongue and vocal cords. Anyway, as I began reading, I was amazed. I said aloud, “Wow!” I say it again, “Wow!”

Each chapter starts with a quote and ends with a few questions. Think of it like a course where you can cheat all you want, or not.

The first chapter is about the abundance that we more often than not, take for granted. He mentions big things like there are 70 sextillion stars in the visible universe, in 125 billion galaxies, then common things, like 13 billion gallons of water flow over Niagra Falls every single day. Wow. Our heart beats over 100,000 times a day. Then he mentions very small things that we cannot even see without the aid of specialized equipment. In all of this, he is saying that the universe is full of abundance. In fact, it is extravagant abundance. And more important than the abundance is that nothing is wasted. One thing is used to create another substance that is renewed. Energy just changes its form, but it never is used up.

Each chapter is very short, and he presented three questions at the end of this chapter:

1. Sit right where you are or go to the window of your room. Name five things you can see that exist in great abundance right before you.

2. Mentally survey the world beyond your current view, such as your home, places you have visited, read, heard, or thought about, and photographs you have seen. What are the most abundant things you can think of?

3. Complete this sentence at least three times, with a different response each time:

     If I knew I lived in an abundant universe that supplies all my needs,
     I would ____________________.

These are some good questions to ponder and answer. The reality is that we often don’t think of the world as abundant. Instead, we think of it lacking what we want and need. Yet, as he makes clear, abundance is all around us all the time and it is we who choose to view it less than it really is.

How Many Blades Of Grass In Your Lawn? How Many Cells In Your Little Finger?

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