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“The most important thing 
in communication 
is hearing 
what isn’t said.” 
— Peter Drucker 

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[Classic post from 7-6-15]

Even though I’ve read many of Peter Drucker’s books and I love many of his ideas on management and business, the quote above is one of those that I like because it is interesting, and dislike because it creates more problems with no solutions.

I think, “Oh, good! There’s another thing I have to get training on, to learn more about, to try to figure out what people are saying when they aren’t talking. Yet another skill I need to find a book about.”

Hearing what isn’t said. . . hmm. Is he saying that people say one thing but mean something completely different? Is he saying, they are telling lies? Is he saying that they’re just making stuff up? Is he saying that they want to say something else but they don’t know how? How in the world do I go about knowing what people are not saying when they are saying something? Sounds pretty mystical to me.

Well, bringing this back down to earth, we all know that people don’t say everything that can be said. We know they hold back things for a wide variety of reasons, mostly fear-related. We also know that from a different perspective some people say a lot of things to enhance their own agenda or position. So, how do we wade through all that? “

First answer: We are smarter than we allow ourselves to be sometimes. Our intuition is a mental and spiritual device that can aid us in seeing the smoke on the screen and getting behind the screen. Many times we may distrust it, but it is certainly worthy of trust.

Second answer: Don’t pay so much attention to the words. Pay more attention to the vibration. You might be saying, “Oh, there’s another word, vibration. What the heck do I know about vibration?” A lot. Certainly a lot more than you might think. Instead of thinking about vibration, think about how you feel.

Tie it all together by paying attention to how you feel by what others are saying. Open the pathway to use your intuition to “feel” how if what they are saying is ringing true with your inner knowing, your intuition, your inner guidance. Feeling good is good. Feeling bad is not good. Everything can pass that filter and be cleaned perfectly for your own understanding.

I might say that instead of hearing what isn’t said as being the most important thing in communication, it could certainly be paying attention to the vibes–or rather, how you feel when it is compared with your own inner guidance via your intuition.

Can You Repeat That Please? I Didn’t Quite Get The Feeling Yet… 

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