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“Facts are the enemy of truth.” 
— Dale Wasserman 

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I paid good money for those things. They have value. I can recoup some of what I paid if I wanted to. I will need it again someday. I hate letting go of it. If I don’t use it I can store it. I need this stuff.


No one owns anything in this life. Everything is but a temporary possession, whether it be property of any kind or any things. When we don’t use it in the present, those “things” become attachments. Our ultimate freedom is in the release. Use it or lose it. I need very little.

What an interesting experience I am going through right now. In the past few weeks, I have let go of many, many things that I have held onto for so many years. I finally threw away the master tapes from a record album I did in 1984. Who would want those? Not even me anymore. They’ve been in a file drawer all this time. Gone. Silliness holding on to them when they no longer mean anything except that I took part in the recording studio way back when.

Books. My entire personal library. I’ve boxed up 47 bankers boxes so far and can fill another 6-8 of them. I have 18 boxes of my favorite favorites set aside and now I am thinking that they can go too. I have quite a collection of signed books as well.

Sure all the stuff has value, but I haven’t got the energy to try to sell any of it. I don’t need the money. I could spend it on something, but I don’t even want the money from these things. I’m giving it all away. And that feels like the best thing, the thing that is in most alignment with me to do.

Wow. Over 50 years of stuff. So many bookshelves, years of gathering tools, all the furniture, most appliances. I had no idea that there was this much stuff, most of which I only walked past occasionally. I’m going from 1848 square feet to around 150 square feet.

That Means I Have More Letting Go To Do. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving the things you love and leaving the things you don’t.

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