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“Imagining is perhaps 
as close as humans get 
to creating something out of nothing 
the way God is said to.” 

— Frederick Buechner 

Frederick continues, “It is a power that to one degree or another everybody has or can develop, like whistling. Like muscles, it can be strengthened through practice and exercise.” 

“If imagination plays a major role in the creation of literature, it plays a major one also in the appreciation of it. It is essential to read imaginatively as well as to write imaginatively if you want to know what’s really going on. A good novelist helps us do this by stimulating our imaginations–sensory detail is especially useful in this regard, such as the way characters look and dress, the sounds and smells of the places they live and so on–but then we have to do our part.” 

Bob Proctor on an audio taught me how to practice imagination. He said something like this: Imagine yourself on the beach of an enchanting tropical island, lying in a hammock strung between two palm trees with the shade of the trees keeping the hot sun at bay. You feel the warm soft breeze flowing over your body. As you are looking at your perfectly tanned body, you realize that you are looking better than you ever have, and that feels oh so good. You reach down and grab a handful of the fine white sand and feel it sift through your fingers as you move your fingers and squeeze your hand closed. You hear the gentle rhythmic lapping of the water against the shore, and you can hear seagulls mewing not far away. In the distance, you hear music with the unmistakable sounds of someone playing steel drums. You can smell there is some outdoor cooking going on near where the music is coming from. That delightful smell causes you to feel a bit hungry. Just then, your favorite island cocktail arrives, and you feel the icy cold glass and take your first sip through two of those skinny little straws as you notice the little bamboo umbrella in a piece of fresh pineapple . . .

Could you imagine any of that, sense it, feel it?

This morning, I was reading a bit from Abraham, Esther Hicks that makes perfect sense; albeit, we often resist it. They said:

“Whatever your focus of attention, it is summoning the Life Force–and it is the feel of the Life Force that life is about. The reason that you are summoning it is inconsequential. In other words, it is every bit as possible to feel as much joy in the preparation of your taxes as in the planning of an ocean cruise.” 

They continue, “There is no value in using happy-sounding words if you do not feel happy. The Law of Attraction is not responding to your words, but instead, is responding to the vibrations that are radiating from you. It is quite possible for you to use all the right-sounding words at the same time that you are in a state of powerful resistance to your own Well-Being, for the words you use are not important–how you feel is what matters.” 

When we want something or something different than we are currently getting, the most positive self-talk, written affirmations, or even reading the words written by the most spiritual of teachers is of very little use. The words at best can only entice you toward a feeling within you and it is that feeling that is attracting more that is like that feeling. How we are feeling is our vibration that Abraham, Esther Hicks and many others refer to all the time.

How we change our vibration to match what we really want, and this is true especially when we are trying so hard to be positive, is to practice our imagination. As we develop and exercise our imagination to the point that we are smelling, hearing, touching, tasting, and thereby experiencing in our mind that which we are imagining, this is the magic that leads us to change our vibration and via the Law of Attraction to attract more of that which we want.

At the same time, it is completely unproductive in the direction we want to go to give any energy to what we do not want, or what is now that is not to our liking. Pushing against anything only draws more of that which we are pushing against. Here’s where dropping the rope is key to change. Then, begin imagining what you want until you are feeling it as fully as you can. No need to spend all day at that, just a few minutes each day will do perfectly.

The Imaginative Mind Is The Tool Of Experience. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on that which brings you joy.

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