Daily Inspiration 11-25-13

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A Course in Miracles tells us that all acts

are either expression of love or calls for love.

People who are angry, hurt, belligerent, or

difficult in any way are calling for love.

If we can see them not as mean people attacking,

but as children who are in pain and starving,

it is easier to be with them and respond to them

in a way that disarms their hurtful behavior.”

— Alan Cohen

Wouldn’t it be interesting and also cool to look at behavior in the way of the quote above. Instead of returning anger from anger or hurt from hurt, we could return love for anger and love for hurt and help the healing process. For, I’m sure we all have learned full well that returning fire for fire is of no real use. Really.

Who Could You Not Love? It’s A Fair Question. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Let’s just enjoy this day to the fullest. Why the heck not?

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