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“Step number one for changing the entire world,
is falling in love with it as it already is.
The same is true for changing yourself.”
— Mike Dooley
I’ve been a sales manager for several companies most of my life and one of the assumptions that was given me early on is that we want salespeople who are hungry and wanting more and going into debt to get them. The theory was that if they had those obligations, including spouse and family, they would be more motivated to perform because they would then have the motivation to do so.
It’s all crap. It’s not only crap, it’s disgusting, seriously flawed and counterproductive. Going into debt to have motivation is ridiculous and it’s a stupid thing to teach. Besides, I’ve seen it work exactly the opposite wherein the sales person is carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and falls into overwhelm very easily. This creates attitude issues in how they see their lives relative to the larger responsibilities they have, creating new stress.
The other theory that I was taught early on was that sales people needed to be dissatisfied with where they were in order to have motivation to move toward something better.
It’s all crap. Making a choice toward something we want is cool, but being dissatisfied with it as a requirement to have motivation to move is not as logical as it sounds and is not satisfactory in execution. Wanting something better is natural. Being dissatisfied with what we have is being ungrateful and is unnatural.
They used to tell me that you have to be unhappy with where you are in order to desire something more. I believe we will always desire something more because we are creators and we are choosing constantly. This is best done from a place of being satisfied, appreciative of what we have and where we have come. Then, the movement toward something more is a choice of contrast, but the contrast need not be dark in order to move toward the light.
Learning to love where I am at any given time is a relatively new thing for me and I can assure you that it is a wonderful feeling to have. It is a better thing to teach in sales as well. I love how Jim Rohn says to, “learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.”
Whatever Decision We Make From A Place Of Feeling Bad, Will Be A Bad Decision. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–by loving who you are, what you have, and where you are at the moment. You can change it any time you want, and enjoying it while it is here is perfect.
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