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THANKSgiving Week Thoughts 

“Sometimes the little things in life 
mean the most.” 
— Ellen Hopkins 

Some things are really easy to be grateful for, and for many, they don’t come along regularly enough to help them become a grateful person. And certainly, the things that so many can never be grateful for because they are mean, nasty, evil, wrong, along with a lot of other descriptions. So with these, gratitude, or being thankful is rare enough.

Yesterday, I said that in day one that the message or recommendation is to make a decision to become a grateful, thankful person. Today is day two in the THANKSgiving Week Thoughts, and I will add what I think is the easiest and fastest way to open the floodgates to becoming a grateful person.

My grandmother used to tuck us in at night and tell us to count our blessings. It didn’t mean too much to me then, but it is one of my main joys today. I now do it so much in my head, but writing it down is so excellent. This morning, I took just fifteen minutes and filled two and a half pages on college ruled lined paper. There were things, people, and more. As I sat there thinking and looking around my office, I would find another and that would cause me to find another, then one would just pop in my head. If I would have kept going I might have filled a whole binder. This is a wonderful place to begin.

Often we have hundreds of possessions and don’t give them any thought or appreciation. Sometimes when I think of how thankful I am for something, I like to mention it to the appropriate party. I thought of my old stereo speakers that I was enjoying the sounds of this morning. They are Polk Audio 10 speakers, so I went on facebook, found their page and thanked them for these wonderful speakers that play as good as when they were new, yet I bought them in 1983. Look at all the enjoyment they have given me for so many years.

Sometimes it is mundane, yet very important products that we use in the home that comes to my mind. Here’s one: toilet paper. I am so thankful for that invention and the creative people always making it better. Facial tissues are like that too. Toothpaste, hair shampoo in just your favorite smell and shampoo excellence.

I just have to think about the supermarket grocery store and I am in instant gratitude. This is a relatively recent invention where you can find almost anything to eat you could possibly want. How about double pane windows? They changed the environment in my home completely. My iPhone 5S. What a work of magic it is. Digital cameras, Memory cards, USB memory sticks, and more. The cloud. The Internet. My car. My truck. Music. Musicians. Electric guitars. Recorded music. Concerts. My HD TV and Blue Ray Player.

As you make your own list and keep adding to it, gratitude just builds and builds and more things that you are thankful for will come to you to appreciate again.

There Is Such A Wealth Of Things To Be Thankful For. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing through eyes that find positive aspects in things and other people. As you acknowledge their existence, joy is a result.

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