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“Yes, I think it’s okay to abandon
the big, established, stuck

— Seth Godin

Seth Godin

This week I will
explore his marketing
and business wisdom

I watched a YouTube video from
BigThink today and it was sad and almost depressing. The guy was talking about
the high cost of college and the burden of student loans and the fact that after
college these young adults have no jobs waiting for them and that it is a sad
affair. It was a whole bunch of whining. Since when did a college degree ever
guarantee a job? The sadder part to me is how important the “job” has become. I
think what needs an overhaul in the country is the whole idea of how education
is done. It doesn’t work very well, and takes much longer than it need take.
But, that’s another story. . .
I’ve always believed that
education was to teach us how to think. In learning how to think, we are
creating options for ourselves. I’m not against getting or keeping or wanting
jobs. I’ve had a number of them. I’m for having choices and creativity. We have
this miraculous mind and we have it stuck in neutral sometimes.
I’ve given up more than one job
that paid over a hundred thousand a year to pursue something that had no
guarantee. I had the courage to think differently, to make choices that are
uncommon, to ignore the expressed fear and anxiety of friends and relatives, and
pursued my passion to try and do and create. I have zero regrets. Every choice
for me was the better choice and the perfect thing to do, and has all been
verified by hindsight.
A job is fine and good until you
get to a place where you’re stuck. I’ve felt that place and then I spend an
inordinate amount of time trying to keep something I haven’t really wanted
anymore for some time. I need to be passionate about what I’m doing and when
that is gone, I am too. Life is so short and I don’t want to get to the end and
wish I had done anything, but to have made choices and created at will.
College students (and any other
ears that hear): Focus on creating and becoming rather than having. Don’t
settle. Think and make choices. Choose passion. Choose to live. Create your own
employment and income. There is so much need that has yet to be met. You have
all the power in your own head and heart. Thirty comes quick and forty far
faster. Build your own platform under your dream. It’s okay to abandon the big,
established, stuck tribe.

Choose To Ignore The Status Quo. Or Not. . .
Either Way, Put Your Thinking Cap On And

Spread Some Joy Today–by looking at your own. Is there enough joy in your
life? If not, you can choose more at any time. It’s also that
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