Daily Inspiration 11-24-09

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“Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.”

— African Proverb

The first couple times I read this quote, I didn’t think much on it, yet the more I looked at it, the more powerfully wise it became to me.

Often times where we fall can be a great distance from where we slipped. Consider these thoughts: Was it the event that caused the fall, or was it the thinking that caused the event that caused me to fall? In this case, the fall would be a natural evolution of the thinking. I can think of many situations in my own life where this really helps me see where the problem really started.

The good news is that we can change the thinking so the slipping is either non-existent or kept to an absolute minimum, thereby staying upright.

Think about it!

I Can See Where My Thinking Has Brought Me!

Spread Some Joy Today–Pretend you put all your love into a pitcher. Now, in your mind, pour it over the head of someone you don’t like very much. Make sure they get a really good coating on them. If you have some left (you know you do!), do it twice just to make sure.

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