Daily Inspiration 11-23-13

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“We long for an affection

altogether ignorant of our faults.

Heaven has accorded this to us

in the uncritical canine attachment.”

— George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans)

Dogs are so simple. Eat, sleep, pee on things, look curiously at us, wag their tail, show enthusiasm for a walk going anywhere in any terrain, location or time of day, spoon over being petted desiring ever more.

Humans are complicated. If Charlie wants to go for a walk, he’s ready in a moment. I, however, must put on my shoes and socks, pants, brush my hair–you know, get ready. He’s sitting there watching and I’m sure he’s thinking about the world coming to an end before we actually get going. Yet, when I’m ready, again is he in all his glory.

He doesn’t care about any of my idiosyncrasies. He doesn’t seem to think anything of it. When I go pet him, he relaxes as if he is taking a spiritual bath in complete and total safety. He loves to be loved.

You know, speaking of that–humans are challenged about loving being loved, or so it seems. We’re not sure. Perhaps there is an alternate agenda that has not been disclosed. Perhaps they aren’t thinking what I’m thinking. Perhaps this isn’t real. Perhaps this is insincere. Perhaps they will love me then hurt me. There is much fear mixed in and this mixture leads to resistance, tenseness, questioning, and less allowing.

When we are like Charlie and we relax and allow, what a change takes place in how we feel–in fact, in how we both feel.

By Allowing Love Openly And Without Condition, We Experience Bliss.

Spread Some Joy Today–Release your fear. If only for today. Notice how you feel.

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