Daily Inspiration 11-23-12

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It’s never too late
. . . to start heading in the right direction.”

— Seth Godin   

Seth Godin Week

This week I will explore his marketing
and business wisdom

I’ve heard people say, ‘I’m too old to
do facebook’, or computers, or whatever. A more appropriate response,
and a more honest one would have to be, ‘I don’t want to learn it. I
would rather stay where I am.’

Using phrases like, ‘I’m too ____
to _____, I can’t _______, There isn’t enough time to _______, someday I
want to ____________, there’s never enough money to ______, I can’t
afford to __________, I don’t have a ________, so I can’t _______, is
saying you are perfectly happy where you are and you don’t want to

It’s okay to be there. It can be frustrating though to
say one thing and mean another, so try next time saying it the way it
really is and the way you really want it.

That might even change things for the better . . .    


It Is Never Too Late To ______!


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