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“We allow no geniuses around our studio.”
— Walt Disney
I’m guessing that Albert Einstein would share this sentiment. To me, this is saying that no one is so good that they can’t make some coffee, pick up some trash, draw the boring scenes, or any of the other things that are part of the overall operation. It doesn’t mean that we put focus there, but that there is a willingness to be on a team.
I can also see it the other way in that we only allow geniuses and we surround ourselves with geniuses. I like this idea even better. Not that they are better than anyone else, but that they naturally realize their capacity and are willing to express their uniqueness and their creativity without the fear of stepping outside of complacency.
In fact, I try to surround myself with people who are geniuses, who bring more to the table, help expand my own knowledge and skill.
As a guitar player, I would ask if it would be better to be surrounded by guitar geniuses, or people at or below my level? It would be geniuses. I would not learn much of anything from people below my level, nor at my level. Where I’m at on guitar, the world is full of guitar geniuses.
Whatever sport someone is in, I am sure they would find greater joy in playing with and against geniuses.
Some people might think of geniuses as arrogant, as in, ‘I’m cool and you’re not.’ I don’t. I think we are all geniuses in one way or another and the more we allow ourselves to be that unique genius, the better our life is in general.
Encourage A Genius. Encourage That One In You.
Spread Some Joy Today–by taking the time to appreciate in wonder the nature you can see, the wonderful machines that people have made for you to enjoy, the exchange of commerce that allows all to participate in so many ways.
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