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“Believe that giving up
is the same thing
as being realistic
. . .

Reject the tyranny of picked.
Pick yourself.”

— Seth Godin   

Seth Godin Week

This week I will explore his marketing
and business wisdom

[This piece was pulled from the archives in 1998 and seemed appropriate]

I was just a kid, I’ve wanted to change the world. You too? Wow, I
thought I could, then I tried and became very frustrated. Then I finally
decided to just give it up and join the world. That didn’t change
anything and the frustrations didn’t go away either. The frustration
might have even expanded, because I knew that I had thrown in the towel.
Finally in the past couple of years, I’ve been going through a change,
and I think I’m finally seeing how to change the world.

Call it a
bit of wisdom, but the only way that I have seen to change the world is
to change me. After all, the world is a huge challenge that would
consume my life span easily. I’ve tried changing others-I’ve tried real
hard-to no avail. There’s only one thing left: me. Call it deductive
reasoning, wisdom or enlightenment, but what else is left? I can only
change me and how I think; how I respond; how I act and interact with

In giving a short speech to a group of employees, I said
that all of my life I have wanted to work for the perfect company where
everything works well for every one. Where the boss cares about us and
we care about each other. Where we encourage each other and help each
other. Where it is satisfying and even fulfilling to be a part of a

I then said that the perfect company is wherever you are currently working because the perfect company starts with you.

we each start treating each other with love, respect, dignity, the
perfect company will continue to be an illusive dream. We must start and
we must change, then the company will change. A company is a non-entity
without people, so the people create the company.

It is not what happens to us that matters, it is how we react to it that matters.

work this last week I reacted to a co-workers conclusion that another
employee was sabotaging our efforts with an account. It was easy to
agree with this conclusion because this person has been known to be less
than helpful; however, after my reaction, I later found this
supposition to be without merit. Indeed, I once again felt ashamed at my
quick judgement based on rumor instead of fact. Once again, I get the
learning opportunity of being humbled. Once again, I get the opportunity
to choose a different reaction next time I’m offered a situation. If I am to continue on my journey of changing the world, I first must change me.



Accepting Responsibility For My Own Thinking And Actions Is Not A Burden, It Is Move Toward Power.


Spread Some Joy Today–Choose joy today. Give plentiful thanks.
Start with speaking of it to yourself. Selfish joy is a wonderful
things. Selfish gratitude is a life changer.
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