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“Freedom begins between the ears” 
— Edward Abbey 

New: Audio version

[Classic post from 7-2-15]

I’ve recently told several people that I have had such a wonderful, and delightful sense of freedom in my life. I’ve never felt this kind of freedom before. It’s like something that I have wanted all my life and now I have arrived. It is magical. I love it. Every second of that feeling. It is the equivalent of unconditional love. And, by the way, sharing unconditional love doesn’t mean that it always must be focused on others. It could and should be focused on ourselves as well.

I got up very early today to drive almost 3 hours to a meeting. It was a very hot day. I experienced the most delightful trip up and trip back and time spent there. I listened to a wonderful reading of The Litigators by John Grisham. It is a very long book, but today I thoroughly enjoyed–and I mean IN-joyed almost 5 hours of it. The reader is delightful, and I found myself laughing at so much of this great book on the way up to the meeting. The trip would have been perfect with that alone, but I got to enjoy so much more while at my destination. What a glorious day!

Freedom is indeed between the ears. So is happiness, joy, love, and every other emotion. We only have to choose what we want and we will be there. My number one goal in life which I have stated several times now is simply to enjoy myself every single day, every single hour, and every minute and moment possible. I get to choose that. It doesn’t happen to me. I choose it. From the audiobook choice to the choice of my thoughts, to whether I focus on delight or pain. It is all within my domain.

I Am Not Alone. It Is All Between The Ears. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Choose as you will and joy is always an excellent choice.

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