Daily Inspiration 11-21-15

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“We have no idea 
what tomorrow will bring, 
but today 
is overflowing with potential.” 

— Allan Lokos 

I just finished a six-lesson course by Mike Dooley called, Playing the Matrix. I enjoyed it, and the entire course, in my mind, can be distilled into this:

1. Decide what you want. Without desire, nothing happens.
2. Visualize your life and how it feels after you have what you want, as if you have it this moment. 10 Minutes a day is all that is necessary. Every day.
3. Avoid specifics. Don’t pay any attention to how it may come about. Be open to the magic and wonder. Be open to more than you imagined, and
4. Move in the direction of your desires in whatever way you can and however small your steps may be. It won’t be your action that gets you there, but you can’t get there without action.

He calls them ‘baby steps.’

It’s simple, right? Here’s a test: Which steps are you not doing?

That Question Applies As Much To Me As Anyone. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by moving in the direction of your joy.

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