Daily Inspiration 11-21-13

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“Insults are like angry bulls. . .
they can only

do damage

if you let them in.

You can’t control what people say,

but you can control if you let it bother you.

No one’s opinion of you

is more important than you own

— Doe Zantamata

The last line in this wonderful quote is certainly the most important. So, get a piece of paper out and write this one sentence down in bold lettering: “No one’s opinion of you is more important than your own.”

People may have something to say about you. Perhaps how you do your job, how you are as a husband or father, wife or mother, friend or associate. They have a right to their opinion and sometimes what they have to say lifts us up. That is a wonderful thing. Then, other times, what they may say is not uplifting. In fact, it might even be downgrading or derogatory about you.

This is important: Listen to all that uplifts you and let pass you by the opinions that don’t. Let me repeat: Listen to all that uplifts you and delight in it, and let all the other opinions pass you by and be on their way.

There is no opinion of you that is more important than your own opinion on yourself. You are in charge of your own life. Let others–allow others, to be in charge of their own; however, let no one else be in charge of you except you. What they have to say can be accepted or rejected at will. You are your own best judge.

Allow Yourself The Authority To Be Your Own Judge.

Spread Some Joy Today–Whatever helps you to feel good about yourself today, do that. Let everything else wait.

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