Daily Inspiration 11-21-10

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“The world basically and fundamentally is
constituted on the basis of harmony. Everything
works in co-operation with something else.”
— Preston Bradley
“No employer today is independent of those about him.
He cannot succeed alone, no matter how great
his ability or capital. Business today is more than
ever a question of cooperation.”
— Orison Swett Marden
When I say I have my own business, that’s not very accurate. It would better be said that I am part of my own business, because by myself, it wouldn’t be a business. It would be a job. But, what I really mean to say is that it requires other people, their influences, their opinions, their energy, their drive, their vision, their character, and the list goes very long of the things that other people bring to make it more than it could ever be on its own. In that, I am blessed to have great people around me that carry the ball when I don’t, come through for our customers, and offer ideas and solutions that help grow the business and also make it more efficient and more fun too.
My favorite part of the business so far is having meetings with team members. I just love sitting down with them and talking about what is going on, how to solve problems, seek better ways of doing a thing, and just loving them for who they are and how they add value to our organization and to me personally. Each person that comes with us, brings something more to our organization and to each of us personally. It is constantly expanding and evolving, and that is incredible.
My second favorite part of the business is meeting with clients in person and/or potential clients in person. I’m not much of a phone person, but I do love to sit down with people and discuss ideas, their business goals, and how we might be able to assist their growth via our services. I love the different personalities of each person. I love the different views on business that each one has and how they came to do what they do and what they love about what they do. Each client adds to our company–not just in revenue, but challenges in having us do better each time, expand our services to meet their needs. Each one makes us more than we were before, and that is awesome.
It is harmony that we seek, and sometimes a bit of disharmony helps us get that faster and better, yet no matter what, it is the interaction and partnership that makes it all work. It works for all of us in various ways, but it is all of us.
I am very excited at watching our company unfold and change, along with each relationship with clients, potential clients, and vendors too, while at the same time experiencing it moment by moment. It is sheer joy for me, and it is the others that contribute much in that. Thank you all!
If I Only Had One Choice Available To Me, I Would Continue To Choose Joy. I Had No Idea That It Would Be This Delightful. . .
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