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“You do not have to conform 
to a particular idea 
of what success represents. 
You are successful exactly as you are.” 

— Bashar 

Bashar adds, “remove the expectations! It doesn’t have to manifest exactly as your ego or your habits think it should. It doesn’t have to! Let it manifest along the path of least resistance. Stop fighting yourself. You do not have to push yourself into a mold. You fit exactly where you are.” 

Sometimes, we might think that we are not deserving enough, or that we aren’t this or that enough, or that it isn’t in the cards, but that’s just putting obstacles in our own way.

Let’s let go of that whole deserving idea. According to Bashar, “You deserve anything you can conceive of just because you have the ability to conceive of it. You don’t have to earn the right to deserve happiness; you already have that right because you exist.” 

We often create ‘rules’ for success, happiness, or whatever we say we want in our lives. It will come when __________, I have to get to ____________, I have to pay my dues, and a thousand and one more. There is only one rule: Decide.

By deciding what we want, by acknowledging how it is feeling to us as if it is accomplished right this moment, it cannot not come. As Abraham, Esther Hicks has often said (in my minor paraphrasing), “be as specific as you can and still feel good, but if you are not feeling good, let go of the specifics, but hold on to the way it feels as if you had it.” When the specifics start causing us to feel off, have anxiety, bringing up that old deserving aspect, we are encroaching the part that is not our job, or as Mike Dooley calls it, “the curs-ed how’s.”

We have so much more power than we think. We get to make it all up. We get to choose how we will feel. If we are feeling bad, or off, we can instantly change that by recognizing it is happening, then pivoting toward something that feels better. When we try to conform with someone else’s idea of what success is or happiness, or anything else, we are trying to take on the curs-ed how’s. Our job is what, not how, and it’s a good thing too, because how is full of problems for us, but for God, whose job how really is, it is child’s play.

You Are Perfect The Way You Are. You Are Perfect The Way You Choose To Be Next. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Relax. Enjoy the ride. You’re the driver.

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