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“The ego makes a lousy master, 
but an extraordinary servant.” 

— Alan Cohen 

I’ve become more aware of my ego in my life and how much authority I’ve given it. The ego has its place, but giving it authority and leadership positions are not in my overall best interests. So, I’m paying closer attention to my thoughts and my conversations with others. It’s sort of like being outside of myself and inside at the same time.

I have learned that when I am in alignment with my inner being, my higher self, I can feel the resonance of that and it is perfect. I now endeavor to pay attention to that alignment or misalignment in the moments of my life, without distracting myself from fully living those moments.

To take this one important step further, I’ve recently become very appreciative of this awareness which allows me to see better how I interact with others and better achieve whatever objective I or they have in that interaction. I only just realized this appreciation in the last few days, and I’m very excited about it and learning so much as a result.

Now, all this may sound way too philosophical, or new agey, but it is absolutely practical. It can make a huge difference whether you’re in sales, or in interactions with a spouse, or virtually any relationship we may have, regardless of length or depth.

Here’s some questions that help show the practicality and value of this awareness and appreciation of our ego’s place in our daily interactions:

Is the other person really listening to what I am saying? Am I talking beyond the answer they desire? Am I showing off my knowledge or helping them to understand? Am I really listening to any of their responses during the conversation? Am I making any necessary or appropriate adjustments based on those responses? Am I telling them more than they asked for or want to hear? Am I being of value? Is what I am saying helping, uplifting, guiding, or is it more about what is wrong? Why am I here? What do they really want from me? How can I be of service to them? Am I promoting love or fear? Will this expand our relationship or contract it? Am I giving them what they would like to receive? 

Sometimes it might be important to ask the other or others if what you are saying is of value. Have I answered your questions to your satisfaction? Is there more that you would like to know? How may I serve you further? What more can I do to be of service to you?

The ego likes to talk until your throat is sore from speaking, while the one we’re speaking to has long left their body. They may still be standing or sitting there, but they are not really there. If our relationship is to be one of love, service, helpfulness, enlightenment, upliftment, or other benefit, paying attention, or being aware, and then appreciating that awareness can help us to lead and have us control how the ego can serve.

Am I Being Of Service? Is This Of Value To The Other? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing your own.

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