Daily Inspiration 11-20-14

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“If you had started doing anything 
two weeks ago, 
by today you would have been 
two weeks better at it.” 
— John Mayer 

Today marks the 1,878th post in this blog, just into its sixth year. In all this time, I’ve missed one day. It was the day my wife died. I chose to mark it that way. In all this time I have reposted approximately 5 or 6 posts, so pretty much, they are new every day. That’s a lot of new every day, and it requires the ‘c’ word–commitment.

I do my best to be inspired before I begin writing. It might come in a minute, or it might take hours, but eventually, I have to sit down and write or it will not get done. There are dry days and wet days. Some days it flows, and other days it might be a real challenge, yet via the idea of commitment, it always gets done. It might sometimes spill into the next morning, but it gets done.

When I’m inspired, I feel brilliant. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am, but I feel that I am. Other times, I think it might be a poor effort, especially when I read it the following morning. And, that is so interesting to me when after one that I think I missed the quality mark on, I might get several people responding saying that this particular message was speaking volumes to them personally at the perfect time when they needed such inspiration. Often, I laugh at that to myself because I thought I missed it completely.

Then there are times I feel brilliant and I get nothing. All this used to amaze me, but it doesn’t anymore. I just show up, do my best to be inspired, give it my best shot at being brilliant, and let it sail away. That’s all my part requires, and the rest is up to the reader. I share my thoughts, joy, love and how it is received is not in my realm of control.

This applies to so many things in life where we don’t really have control over the outcome, but we certainly do have control over the activity. If we put ourselves out there with a positive attitude, expressing ourselves as best we can under the circumstances and with what knowledge and skill we currently possess, that is totally our job in life. What comes of that is up to the rest of the universe.

I Rest My Pen In Joy. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being the best that you can be. There is no more.

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