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“Change isn’t made by
asking permission.
Change is made by asking
forgiveness, later.”

— Seth Godin

Seth Godin

This week I will
explore his marketing
and business wisdom

A willingness to
make a decision on our own is admirable and praiseworthy when it works well, and
when it doesn’t well. . . blame is the name of the game for so many and who
doesn’t love to blame someone who obviously didn’t follow protocall, and went
off on their own, away from the norm, and away from safety. In the typical world
that we see around us, very few are willing to go out on the limb of initiative.
It is a lonely place to be.
In fact, the
list of those initiators is worthy of note, just so we can keep the record
straight. You see it is the ego, or the lizard brain as Seth Godin makes it out
to be that keeps us in conformity. But, back to the list. . .
Let’s see. . .
Seth Godin, Abraham Lincoln, Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie,
Franklin D Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King,
Rosa Parks, Mark Twain, Harry S Truman, Walt Disney, Walter Chrysler, Abraham
Maslow, Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, Winston Churchill, Anthony Robbins,
Paul McCartney, Mother Teresa, Napoleon Hill, James Cash Penney, George Bernard
Shaw, Jack London, Leo Buscaglia, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Mahatma Gandhi, Harland
Sanders, Henry David Thoreau, Jimmy Carter, John Wooden, Booker T Washington,
Benjamin Franklin, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Carl Sewell, Charles A Lindbergh, R
Buckminster Fuller, Ralph Waldo Emerson, just to name a very few.
Seems like
wonderful company to me. I’m in!

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