Daily Inspiration 11-2-16

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“I have hope 
in who I am becoming.” 

— Charlotte Eriksson 

This morning as I was considering my message of the day, I had a Facebook message with some photos from the 50th high school reunion. I don’t know why exactly, but I scrolled through them. I think it was because my 50th is next year. These were images of what all those young kids have become after 50 years of living life.

Then, as I was perusing some quotes, I ran across this wonderful bit from Abraham, Esther Hicks, and I thought it had a timely message and delightful perspective wherever you are on your journey: 

“Before the contrast and before the summoning, and before the answering of Source Energy, the Universe was less. So rather than thinking in terms of time, think in terms of expansion, and then you will understand time in the way we understand it. We never think about how long anything takes. We are just enjoying the expansion. And so, our now is always powerful in our anticipation of what is becoming.” 

I loved this perspective of expansion as becoming. Not necessarily about growing, although that can be the case, but expansion, and I don’t mean our body suits, although that certainly can be the case. 

Becoming. Expansion. Movement. I think it is simply and exquisitely life moving through us more than we moving through life. Wisdom? Who knows? Maybe. Wisdom I think is just a perspective, don’t you agree? What have I learned? But, I don’t think it is about learning. We are all learning, some more, some less, but all, yes.

Expansion. Becoming. Allowing life to flow through us. Do we have a choice in this? Of course. We can struggle with it, fight it, complain about it, and any number of ways attempt to control it, but in the end, I think it is simply, and exquisitely flowing. I think also, that as we allow, appreciate, recognize this flow and the resultant expansion, we may choose to enjoy, even delight in the becoming.

Going With The Flowing As This River Of Life Leads The Way. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by untying the rope from the dock. Feel the anticipation!

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