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reduces the greatest 
 to simplicity, 
and lack of it 
causes the least 
to take on the magnitude 
of complexity.” 
— Raymond Holliwell 

[Classic post from 10-13-14]

I was thinking about diets. I’ve read about and even practiced a number of different popular diets over the years, such as The Belly Fat Cure, Adkins Diet, The Makers Diet, The Wheatbelly Diet, and there are others. I bought the books and on some, I ended up eating the covers, and others I worked at for a while. None worked long term, and that is because I didn’t use them long-term as they were so limiting. We all are looking for that magic pill diet that makes it all go away quickly and never come back. That alone creates a multi-billion dollar industry in diet plans and diet cookbooks.

But, I finally found the diet that actually works. I call it the 2-Q Method. Rather than any complicated measuring system, this has none. Rather than counting calories or fat or carbs, this counts nothing. Rather than making a list of good foods and bad foods, this simple diet makes common sense out of that. Best of all, this diet is incredibly simple, and I’m going worldwide with it right now and not charging a penny for anything. Are you ready?

The 2-Q Method is easy. Q number one is quantity. Pay attention to the quantity that we put into our mouths. If all we ever did was the one-Q, that would certainly work well. How much food does our body need right now? It really doesn’t matter too much how often.

Some think 3 meals a day and others think 5, it could be 10 if you wanted, but the main thing to pay attention to is what the quantity is each time. Stomachs expand from volume, bodies expand from the volume. Once you look closely at the quantity issue, it will be obvious that most restaurants serve quantities that are not helpful, and neither is the “happy plate” syndrome many of us were taught as a child. There is social pressure that way, but our own awareness can make sense by realizing that all restaurants have doggy bags.

The second Q is quality. After quantity is in our mind and we are fully engaged in paying attention to it, the next and last item is working upward in quality. The highest quality is going to be natural food. Whether it is plant or animal is not the issue. The lowest quality food will be either imitation food or food with all sorts of additives to enhance the flavor or to extend the life of the product. Real food has a very short shelf life. The other stuff can be around for a long time.

So there you have it. It is simple. 2-Q’s: Quantity and Quality. Never diet again. Be the weight you want. Enjoy your life however it is and in whatever you choose to eat. There’s just two simple ideas to keep top-of-mind: Quantity and Quality.

Now, if I stop there, my friend Robin will remind me that this 2-Q Method should really be the 2-Q+M Method. She will remind me to add movement to the equation. Fitness requires movement, and once we get the intake down, some purposeful movement will help keep things in their proper places.

“Life Is Really Simple, But Men Insist On Making It Complicated.” — Confucius 

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