Daily Inspiration 11-19-13

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“As your faith is strengthened

you will find

that there is no longer the need

to have a sense of control,

that things will flow as they will,

and that you will flow with them,

to your great delight and benefit.”

— Emmanuel / Pat Rodegast

Fear need not have more than a very temporary presence in our lives. It comes and we see it for what it is, and we let it go on through. The list of all the things that could go wrong are no longer relevant. They leave in the wake of fear gone. We give them passing notice at best and let them pass us by.

It is our faith in everything working out well for us that remains predominate. There is only wellness and anything less is resistance. We practice our faith in everything working out for our benefit as if that is the way it was meant to be. Because it is.

As we practice our faith there is no need for control for it is all working according to our plan. And, whatever we decide that needs to be changed will naturally and easily change.

There is a flow as if a river of life that we only need to allow. Anything other is resistance. Anything other is dis-ease. Relax and flow. Relax and flow. Faith is strengthened by relaxing and flowing with all that appears in our lives.

Strengthen Your Faith By Allowing And Understanding That All Being Well Is The Plan.

Spread Some Joy Today–Seek joy. Seek to appreciate and joy will be there. Seek to love and joy is there. Seek to allow and joy is there.

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