Daily Inspiration 11-19-11

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“Winners take imperfect action
while losers are still perfecting the plan.”
— Tony Robbins
I love this statement by Tony Robbins except that I don’t see winners and losers, but just choosers and each choice creates an outcome.
I have done my best to live this creed. So many of the things that I’ve done through my life, I just decided I wanted to do it and began imperfectly, then began to almost immediately improve and then constantly improve.
Sometimes those decisions and beginnings ended up going for a time and then were discarded for something different. NBD. In fact, I learned so much from the process of doing that I could become an advisor to others to save them time and money.
I’ve changed careers in much the same way. I was an auto mechanic and didn’t enjoy that as much as I would like, so decided with my knowledge of cars, I could sell them. So, I went and got a job selling cars. Then, decided I wanted to be the manager, and in a very short time, became the manager. Then, I grew weary of where that dealership was going and decided to leave and open a musical instrument store, and within 3 weeks it was opened.
I could have sat around and planned out all of these moves looking for the numbers, creating a strategy, how-to list of marketing, purchasing, and so much more. The longer I did that, the further away the actual doing would get.
There was a time I used to look back and regret decisions because they didn’t work out exactly as I would have liked, but I have learned that this is a complete waste of time and energy.
Everything that we do is of value in some way or another. It doesn’t matter how long we do it, whether it was a financial success or not. If we think of the experience of doing, of creating something out of our minds into reality, that in and of itself is fulfilling. In fact, I have become so appreciative of what I’ve done in these decisions and action because there is a bit of each that makes me whole.
Take Some Imperfect Action. Today!
Spread Some Joy Today–Realize that you are the authority when it comes to you. No one else has the knowledge and skill about you as you do. There is joy in that.
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