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“The potential for wellness or illness
is always within you. 
The thoughts you choose determine 
which you experience 
and to what degree you experience it.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

More from Abraham on this subject: “Because of the attention to illness in your society, your diseases are running rampant. With all of the medical technology–all of the tools, all of the discoveries–there are more people who are critically ill today than ever before. The prevalence of so much severe illness is predominantly because of your attention to illness.

You are very particular about what you eat and what you wear and what you drive, and yet you are not particular about what you think. We would encourage you to be particular about what you think. Keep your thoughts on the side of the subject that is in harmony with your wanting. Think about wellness–not about lack of it. Think about being as you want to be rather than the lack of it. 

Your illnesses are not born and perpetuated only because of your negative attention to illness. Remember that illness stems from your feelings of vulnerability and guardedness. Train your thoughts on all subjects (not only the subject of physical health) in the direction of what you desire, and through the improved emotional state that you accomplish, your physical well-being will then be assured.

The potential for illness or wellness lies within all of you at all times. And whatever you give your attention to begins to foster within you the manifestation of the essence of that thought. Thought is very powerful.” 

I have learned that thought controls all experience, and yet we might often think that illness is something that can attack out of the blue and afflict us without our permission. In this case, permission is a funny word because we wouldn’t even consider giving our permission, and yet without our attention to it (our permission), it cannot be. We even create phrases that seem to explain the invasion, such as, panic attack or anxiety attack, yet neither of those things attack. None of it attacks.

It will be interesting when the medical community in the world stops looking for what is wrong in the body and instead begins helping the patient to get their thoughts back in alignment. That is the control module for our entire experience.

Our Natural State Is One Of Well-Being. Everything Else Is Unnatural. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on enjoying yourself as often as you can.

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