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“The end of should.  
Banks should close at 4, 
books should be 200 pages long,
CEOs should go to college, 
blogs should have comments. . .
Find your should and make it go away.”

— Seth Godin   

Seth Godin Week

This week I will explore his marketing
and business wisdom

Should. It is a far too powerful word.
It is also the major cause of another all too powerful word:
frustration. We’re only frustrated because we think a thing or
experience should be one way, but it is not, hence, the frustration.

think that many, if not most of us use the word should internally far
more than externally. In other words, we should ourselves by saying to
ourselves, or intimating it that we should do something, we should have
done something, and often those do not come to pass as planned, and then
we become frustrated with ourselves.

Seth suggests in the quote
above that we create the end of should by making our own shoulds go
away. The best way I know to do that is to allow things to be the way
they are without any insistence that they be something they are not.
This requires letting go of your rules. There are no rules. There just
is what is. Let it be.

If you want something else, then make it happen on your own, but don’t expect things to be a certain way from others.

might even find as I have the gentle peace that comes from not having
to be in charge all the time. I gave up the throne. Now I only direct
myself, but without the should word. Well. . . it’s a hard thing to
completely let go of, but I’m very close.    


I Let The World Make Any Decision It Wants. It Will Go On Nicely Without My Advice.


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