Daily Inspiration 11-18-11

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“I had a ninth grade teacher who told me
I was much smarter and much better
than I was allowing myself to be.”
— Scott Hamilton
I say Thank God! for people like Scott Hamilton’s ninth grade teacher. It’s rare enough based on my own school experience that any teacher takes the time to even communicate such grand encouragement to a student with six periods and 30-45 kids in each class.
Then you might get out into the work world and hear only what needs to be improved on your job without any encouragement to wash it down with.
As a result of the lack of encouragement I found in my life, I’ve really had a strong desire to be an encourager of others. And I do. . . most of the time. Yet, sometimes in my endeavor to encourage, I give a bit too much I think. As a salesman and sales trainer a lot of my life, I call that talking past the sale, or buying it back. It’s very easy to be so enthusiastic and let my encouraging spirit lead them to become a bit overwhelmed–especially if it is a substantial change from where they are now. It’s far too convenient to be on the outside looking in, yet that is the needed perspective.
I love to cook, and it reminds me of the value of seasoning. I love salt and pepper and there is a point where, if I put in too much of either, it is not a good outcome.
Other times, people aren’t really looking for encouragement, they’re looking for justification. They just play it poorly, making it seem that encouragement would be the desired thing.
Who knew that encouragement would be so tricky? It is. Everyone is in a different place. Some just want me to help justify their failure, and I’m not much into that, but I have learned to see the signal and let go, put the oars in the boat and float away.
When people are ready, the encourager appears. Encouragement is in the person who is encouraged. My joy is just to share or shut up as the case may indicate.
. . . Where Ever Is Heard, An Encouraging Word. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–As Arthur said in the movie, “sometimes I just think funny thoughts!” It’s a game changer.
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