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“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

— John Quincy Adams

I love this quote. If you haven’t read John Adams by David McCullough, I highly recommend it. It is a powerful story of one of the founders of our American government, a President, father of a President in a way that lets you get to know the man and also get an idea of the challenges he faced.

Considering the difficulties that John Quincy Adams faced, it is so interesting that he could say the quote. The difficulties were monumental and were steadily growing more challenging.

When I think of what President Adams went through routinely over his lifetime, any challenges that I have faced in my life become very, very, very small. That is where I like them, but the reality is that we all think our problems are huge.

This makes patience and perseverance excellent allies in the quest for smaller problems.

Presto! Chango! No Problemo!

Spread Some Joy Today–Pretend That Just For Today, You Have No Problems. How Does It Feel?

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