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“Adapting is not the same 
as giving up or giving in.” 
— Albert K Strong 

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a change in policy at a business that had the potential to have a negative effect on the independent contractors who worked within that business. The management was sternly holding fast to the decision regardless of the consequences it may have on the people involved. It is, of course, their prerogative, and that those involved can either comply or leave as they choose. Ultimatums are harsh no matter how they come and so it would be easy to be upset by this kind of scenario. I’ve experienced this kind of situation with employers too.

So, some get pissed off and bad mouth the decision and attempt to stir dissension, though that never, ever works like they might hope. Then, also, some just say, ‘the heck with it,’ and quit. Others may go along while carrying the unhappy feeling with them and that unhappiness shows up in all they do from then on. In many cases, they and everyone else would be better off if they quit too.

Quitting is one answer, and it also creates a question. Will wherever I go now be better? Am I prepared to start all over again? You can never take all your clients with you when you leave a certain place. Quitting may also be a perfect answer for some in that it sort of forces something new and something new might be exactly what they needed. In other words, it creates an opportunity for change.

Then, there is the other side. What if this was a great decision and we might have even made ourselves had we been in the owner’s mindset, but we were afraid to make that kind of decision because of fear of loss? I might lose some clients, but maybe that could be a good thing? Maybe this decision that the boss made will create a far better environment than previously existed.

There are many sides to every story and every decision. We all get to respond or react as we choose. It would be in everyone’s best interest to at the very least, consider the various points of view in earnest. It could be the worst thing that ever happened, and it could be the best thing that ever happened, and it could be a non-issue, or it could be a minor or a major issue. These possibilities are all there and we get to choose.

The best thing in my mind is to not react. The best thing is to not plug into any negativity surrounding the subject, The best thing would be to take some time to consider and feel our way. If we then find ourselves feeling good, it is working and if we are not, it is not. At this point, a response would be appropriate.

It’s Important To Remain In Charge By Not Allowing Others Or Circumstances To Choose For Us. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Sometimes we might think that joy is a result of something, but we could never rely on such a scenario for very much joy. However, when you realize that joy is a choice, you get to choose it at will.

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