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“Just one mental shift–focusing on the abundance
of your environment–switches your psychological
settings so that your life automatically improves in
many areas you may think are unrelated. This is
essentially a leap from fear to faith.”

— Martha Beck
Turn on the news for the last several years and at the top of the news is the economy and how bad things are. It is true. They said it was. It’s on the national and local news.
The first thing I have to mention is when has the news ever focused on anything other than what’s wrong? According to the news, what’s wrong is what is news. If it was right it wouldn’t be news.
It’s all fear. The news promotes it, many if not most believe it and spread it to one another in conversation. It’s a focus on lack–what we do NOT have, what we should have but don’t, what we used to have that went away.
And, there’s always, always someone or something to blame and the blame is widespread because there is confusion about who or what to blame. Yet, that does nothing to the fire of fear except throw some more fuel on it. Since when did blame ever help resolve an issue? Never. Instead, it magnifies it.
What will absolutely change this focus on lack, is to change our focus to one of abundance. It’s truly the only thing I know of that will change the way we feel about what is going on around us, and within us.
Sometimes people say to me that thinking about abundance is so hard when they are losing their home or struggling to make ends meet. My answer has become that it is only hard when you choose to make it hard. To me, it is very, very easy. It doesn’t matter how much money I have or don’t have, I can feel the abundance in my life when I choose to.
Here’s how easy it is to go from feeling lack to feeling abundance: Choose a better feeling thought. As Einstein so aptly said, to do the same thing and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. We have to change our thinking if we want things to change at all. Choose a better feeling thought–just a little better. Then choose another. When your mind reminds you of the lack of dollars in your pocket, stop immediately and choose a better feeling thought.
How to choose a better feeling thought? My best method is to find something, anything at all to appreciate. Maybe it is the color of the leaves on the tree at this time of year, the color of the sky at sunset, the smile in a child’s face, the enthusiasm in a child’s play, the wagging of the tail on the dog. It doesn’t really matter what you focus your appreciation on, anything or anyone will do. Once done, then find another.
Whenever you are appreciating anything, you are automatically feeling abundance. We all have such abundances in our lives when we choose to see them. Even if the dollars are few, it is amazing how you can even become appreciative of that if you choose to. One way is to give to someone who needs it more than you some of the money that you do have. If you do that with your heart in it, you won’t even miss that money regardless of how little you thought you had.
Another way is to put a $100 bill in your wallet or purse and mentally spend it. Think of all the things you can afford to buy if you wanted to buy them. Spend it time and time again mentally. If you spend it ten times, you’ve spent $1,000. Don’t have $100? Sell something you don’t need, have a garage sale, put it on eBay. It will help you feel that financial abundance that so many are missing right now.
Appreciate your life as it is now and see the abundances all around you and that will change everything.
Choose To Feel Good. It Is 100% A Choice.
Spread Some Joy Today–Give something you have that you no longer need away. Don’t sell it. Give it.
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