Daily Inspiration 11-15-13

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“Letting go is always easier

than holding on.

And it’s how the new stuff will find you.”

— Mike Dooley

It fascinates me how seriously profound thoughts like that statement above are, and yet at the same time so incredibly simple.

We fear letting go. We fight and resist letting go. The reason is because we see it as some kind of failure to persevere. However, I would suggest that we consider a different way of looking at this great quote.

Rather than thinking of letting go as painful or bad or wrong, consider instead the idea of allowing things to be. If you think about holding on as resistance, which it generally is, then this idea is easier to grapple with. By letting go of resistance, or letting go of the rope, we put things in motion in an allowing sort of way for things to come to us. It may be the answer we’ve been looking for, or it may be something physical we’ve been wanting. As long as we have resistance in force, that which we want is most often held away from us. Let go and allow and the freshness of that perspective can take over.

Give it some thought and I think you will understand fully what I am saying here.

Release Your Point Of View In Order To Have A New Perspective.

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